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These sessions offer a reconnection of your Cosmic Remembrance; across all timelines and dimensions that your Soul exists. You will traverse the four Quadrants of the Universe and connect with all the Spaces of You and your Ancestral lineage.

These sessions can be in person or in a group setting.

These Ceremonies offer:


Healing and Balance Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine


Assisting you to open your sacred ears and inner vision to hear and see your quantum Being and the voices of your Divine Higher Dimensional Ancestors


Oils, sage, crystals, flowers and animal totems are utilized during the these Sacred Ceremonies and will work in alignment with the New Earth’s energies to bless and assist you in being a New Human of Higher Light


Bio vibrational Sound Healing through the use of Drumming, Alchemy Bowls, Light Language, Toning, Song and Dance assist in opening up the portal of your Heart. Reconnecting Mind and Heart into Oneness. Expanding the energy centers of your Cosmic Being and Healing your family lines and lineages


The Sacred Ceremonies offered are:


  • The Heartbeat

  • Sacred Cry

  • Forgiveness Through Blood

  • Waters of the Womb

  • Roots of the Ancients

  • Galactic Fire



(Group Sessions are currently being offered Monthly)

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