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Debra Bovan HEALing QHHT NJ_edited.png

A Sacred Soul Expansion Energy Healing session assists in the activation, alignment and the unlocking of codes of remembrance to anchor in more Love and Light into the body. Sacred Geometry, symbols, energetic codes and keys of light are delivered that will assist the client to activate healing and release of what is no longer serving them and to realign with their zero point. Quantum Healing Energy, toning and the language of light will be used during the session. Crystals will be intuitively placed creating a crystal grid around you. Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls are also utilized during this energy healing to further bathe you in high vibrational sound and to assist in releasing energies no longer needed. The tones produced by the crystal bowls work with your energy centers or chakras for healing, balancing and activation.


Debra may also receive channeled messages from your angels, guides, council of light, ancestors, galactic beings, ascended masters and goddess energy. These will be shared with you. .

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