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Language of Light is a multi-dimensional language. It is often called “the language of the angels”; or “soul language”. It is channeled encoded messages and frequencies that assist in the activation of dormant soul memories, DNA upgrades and profound transformation. It speaks to your unconscious mind offering great wisdom and healing.

This “soul language” assists you in anchoring higher frequencies and vibrations to accelerate your Ascension process; bringing Source light energy of your Soul to your physical body.


It releases stuck or blocked energy; bringing harmonious balance back to your mind, body and spirit.


DNA that has been dormant or called “JUNK DNA” is activated; as well as your third eye or pineal gland. This activation allows you to remember long forgotten gifts and abilities from other timelines or lifetimes past. As you begin to understand your Soul’s memories and journeys; you may become more telepathic and able to communicate with other dimensional realms.


The Language of Light may be written, signed, spoken or sung. It may consist of Elemental, Angelic, Galactic (star beings) or Earth (archaic, ancient ones, present inner earth beings and future earth beings). Spoken language of light is usually very rapid with different inflections, pitches, tones and volume. However; as it comes through your soul will recognize it and a feeling of bliss will enter into you.

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