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“Once upon a time, when women were birds,

There was the simple understanding that

To sing at dawn and to sing at dusk

Was to heal the world through joy.

The birds still remember

What we have forgotten,

That the world is meant to be


- Terry Tempest Williams

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As a young child; Debra recognized that she was “different”. Her family followed a holistic and non-traditional medicine approach to health. Herbal teas and manipulation of the energy meridians in the body were utilized; rather than antibiotics. An organic garden was kept and the potential ravages that herbicides and pesticides could have on the planet and health of individuals were shared openly by her family at a time when this was considered “quackery”. Books on metaphysical subjects, past lives, Atlantis, UFOs filled her parent’s home and created further curiosity for her.


Debra often saw and heard what others did not. She often felt as if she was stepping into other dimensions or not fully in her present reality on Earth. Preferring to be outside, she climbed trees, waded in the brook, talked to the fairies in the garden and preferred to sleep outside under the stars on warm nights


Injured, lost or abandoned animals found their way to her for healing and love. Possums, squirrels, birds, stray dogs and cats followed her through home and neighborhood. 


Debra was told that she had “healing hands” and found herself incorporating therapeutic touch and Reiki while working as a RN at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC and later as a Nationally Certified Neonatal Intensive Care nurse. She describes this as “light weaving” as she visualizes light coming from her finger tips in many colors to assist with healing as needed.


She pursued an interest in all things metaphysical; but found these subjects to be taboo when talking to others. She continued to feel “different” and had a strong longing to return home. Home was an unknown place that her heart yearned to reconnect with.


After a series of personal trauma and near-death experiences; she began to question the meaning of life and if there was a God. She began to become even more aware of the unseen around her and one day was given the message from her Angels; “We kept you from being killed. We have always been with you.” Shortly thereafter she discovered Dolores Cannon and “Life made sense”.  Great healing began to occur personally; and Debra felt guided to further help others recognize that they too hold all the answers and that self-healing can occur if desired.


Debra has proudly achieved certification of the following:

  • Level 2 Practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

  • Level 3 High Priestess of the Magdalenes Order of the Blue Rose

  • Level 3 Acasma Quantum Energy Certified as a Galactic Shamanic Practitioner

  • Reiki Master

  • A channel of the language of light


Debra's healing sessions connect you to your greatest and highest good on a Quantum level, and assist you in ACTIVATING and REMEMBERING the DIVINE YOU. She receives angelic and galactic guidance and will incorporate light language, crystals and messages from other realms into select services.

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